Certified Geek: Meet The Man With The Largest Iron Man Collection In Singapore

If you’ve watched Netflix’s The Toys That Made Us, Geek Culture’s new series, Certified Geek, will be right up your alley.

A new video series produced by Geek Culture, it features passionate geeks with their collection of pride and joy.

Featuring from a range of collectors who dabble in statues, Lego, action figures, video games and more, the series delves into the minds of avid collectors, as they reveal their journey, from humble beginnings, to that of dominating their life and into something they can be proud of.

We also talk about how their hobby has been intertwined with their daily lives, and seek to explain the reasons behind what some may call an obsession.

In our debut episode, we sit down with Terence Tee, a 37-year-old real estate agent.

Terence possibly owns Singapore’s largest collection of Iron Man figures. And we’re not talking small posable plastic ones, but Hot Toys. He estimates that he has spent more than S$60,000 on his collection, which he stores in neat displays in his home office, or man-cave as he calls it.

Terence believes in displaying and playing with his figures, instead of keeping them sealed in boxes. He has a total of 105 different figures on display, with all versions of the Iron Man armor from Mark 1, to the Mark 50 as seen in Avengers: Infinity War.

Because Hot Toys does not produce figures for all versions of Tony Stark’s armour, Terence takes it upon himself to customise certain suits, using an Iron Man Manual movie guide that he owns. During our discussion, he talks about the effort and money it takes to customise one Iron Man figure; from dismantling them to air-spraying and fitting them back together.

Terence is fortunate enough to have a family which supports him in his conquest of Iron Man figures. As a married man with two kids, his wife and children also share his enthusiasm in collecting the figures.

You can follow Terence on Instagram at @Ironman_Sg to see his latest purchases and the rest of his collection.

Stay tuned to June 15th for Episode #2!

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