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Anthem’s Pre-Launch Demo Will Be Different From The Official Release

In the buildup to the February 22 release of EA‘s new flagship title Anthem, a demo is just around the corner.

The demo will be first available to players who pre-ordered the game, or are members of EA/Origin Access from January 25-27, and opened to the public the following week, from February 1-3.

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According to the Anthem team, though, the demo might not be what players will be expecting when they get the game at full launch. Here’s what Executive Producer Mark Durrah has listed regarding the differences with Anthem‘s demo, compared to the full game:

That’s actually quite a difference there, especially with the fact that you’ll be thrown right into the middle of the story campaign during the demo. Normally, players will get to try out an early portion of a game’s story for its demo.

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Another interesting thing to note that there will be no character creation available to players, in exchange for (hopefully) fewer bugs upon Anthem‘s release. Sounds like a low-scale beta test instead of an actual demo, but any form of bug fixing before the game actually launches (yes, we’re looking at you, Fallout 76) is more than welcome.

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EA has been the subject of some video-game-related flak in recent months, but it seems that they’re quite intent to push Anthem for large-scale and long-term success. Our anticipation for the game has been built up with a series of trailers and gameplay demos in the past month or so. And the upcoming demo is our biggest taste of the actual game itself.

Anthem officially lands on February 22 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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