Ace Combat 7’s JPEG Dog Is Actually Based On Developer’s Dearly Departed Pet

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown was just released last Friday and already, there are memes made, around the strange, still image of a Golden Retriever present in cutscenes that are filled with well-rendered planes and characters. An odd 2D image surrounded by 3D models.

See for yourself below. The dog appears around 21:40.

As wacky as it sounds, it turns out there is more to the dog — lovingly dubbed JPEG Dog by the internet — than meets the eye.

On Twitter, Ace Combat’s Brand Director Kazutoki Kono posted a message in response to JPEG Dog becoming an internet sensation quickly after the release of the Ace Combat 7. Which is unsurprising as the cutscene happens pretty early into the game and the pooch is not exactly subtlely placed.

Kazutoki’s message was then translated by the game’s writer James Galizio, revealing a sad backstory behind the beloved JPEG Dog.

Galizio’s tweet explains that the now famous Golden Retriever in Ace Combat 7 passed away shortly after the photo was taken. However, it seems that the sad backstory has not stopped fans from having fun with it.

Here are some of JPEG Dog memes that have spawned since the game’s release:

Yo, buddy. Still a good boy? from acecombat

Even Bandai Namco has joined in the fun, asking popular gag account @dog_rates for their opinion of the dog.

Rest well JPEG Dog, we hope you are having lots of fun beyond the rainbow bridge.

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