CES 2019: Anthem Flexes Shiny New Javelin Suit In Gameplay Trailer

With all the new tech displays and demos coming out by the dozens at CES 2019, a new Anthem gameplay trailer in spanking 4K visuals was debuted.

This trailer highlights BioWare‘s and EA‘s collaboration with the folks at Nvidia, who are responsible for making your games look visually stunning by churning out new graphics cards for PCs on an annual basis.

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The trailer debuts the appearance of a never-before-seen Javelin – a skin of the highly mobile Interceptor class. You’ll get a visual treat of how the lights from the sunrays glimmer so fleetingly on the Interceptor’s armour plates as it darts across the moss-covered ruins and dense rainforests of Tarsis. Get a load of those particle effects too.

You also get to catch a bit of gunplay as some Javelins unload some bullets into both an organic creature and a wayward machine, and how all the bits of dust and mud fly off as the violence ensues.

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All this got us a little more excited about Anthem, which is, fortunately, coming out very soon.

Anthem releases February 22 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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