Alienware x Cherry MX Teases DeLorean-themed Collaboration

Alienware and Cherry MX dropped a teaser video on their upcoming collaboration featuring the iconic DeLorean car from Back to the Future titled “Project X“.

Alienware and Cherry MX are no new comers to the gaming industry, but this nostalgic 80’s visual teaser of the DeLorean with its gull-wing doors definitely has us all excited on exactly what the collaboration is about since no additional information has been released yet.

We are guessing it would be a new themed mechanical keyboard.

In case you didn’t know, Alienware is a computer hardware company that has been producing laptops and desktops dedicated for high performance gaming and they released several supercharged systems just last year even though they have been dabbling in many other gaming gears as well.

Cherry MX on the other hand is one of the leading companies that develop key switches for many mechanical gaming keyboards. They are renowned for their signature range of Cherry MX switches that cater to a wide variety of different users, whether you prefer loud tactile or super silent keyboards, they have it all. While they make their own keyboards, many keyboard makers like Corsair or Cooler Master uses the Cherry MX switches as well. If you’re looking for some recommendations, our top mechanical keyboard picks of 2020 include plenty of Cherry MX switch-enabled keyboards.

The video was teased on Alienware’s Twitch update stream just under 2 weeks ago and so hopefully they will be releasing more details on the collaboration soon if not, we’d might have to travel to the future to find out for ourselves.

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