AFTERSHOCK’s NEXT Big Idea: All-In-One (AIO) Gaming PCs!

From big, hulking desktop towers to miniscule Steam machines, the personal computer has undergone so many changes and variations, and the choices are endless. For the hardcore, this could not be better, but for the newbies who are taking their first steps into the foreboding world of PC building/gaming, it can be extremely confusing.

In step AFTERSHOCK, the local PC brand that has been offering attractive prices for their powerful lines of desktops and laptops for consumers islandwide. They only just recently launched the PRISM+, high end gaming displays that can be yours for a more accessible price point, and now they are now introducing the AFTERSHOCK NEXT All-In-One (AIO) Gaming PCs!

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The NEXT AIOs are as clean as they come, a setup with the all the parts of a PC inside the monitor that saves your space and looks awesome to boot. Say goodbye to the tower desktop or even a mini PC. What makes it even more impressive is that the NEXT will be fully upgradeable as it utilises standard desktop parts, sidestepping the age-old issue that has dogged all-in-one systems since their inception. Futureproof yourself with a sleek AIO that comes at a starting price of just S$1726, much lower than what you will need to fork out for a normal PC with a 144Hz monitor! The specs are as follows:

Looking to add even more value to the NEXT? Head to the PC Show 2017 and get the Creative Katana Bundle for a discounted price of S$339 (U.P S$399). There are also various upgrade options for you to choose from at the PC Show 2017, so do check out AFTERSHOCK for your computing needs and be the envy of all your friends with the AFTERSHOCK NEXT All-In-One PC!

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The AFTERSHOCK NEXT AIO is on sale now at

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