Adidas And Marvel Join Forces To Release New Spider-Man Basketball Sneakers

Carnage has already gotten his own beautifully villainous pair of sneakers via retailer BAIT, so it’s about time Spidey gets an inspired set of basketball sneakers to call his own. Just in time for the impending release of Spider-Man: Far From Home, Adidas is teaming up with Marvel to drop a line of Spider-Man-inspired sneakers, designed for the resident basketball player in mind.

First on list is the the DON ISSUE #1 Marvel’s Amazing Spider-Man, which comes with the webslinger’s signature red-and-blue colourways in tow. Topped off with a white-accented finish, the shoe has been tailored to fit the needs of budding athletes, boasting a wider-than-usual out sole for extra stability and cushioning, alongside a propulsion clip for additional support in lateral movements.

On the aesthetic front, the footwear features the classic spider logo on its tongue and a web-like design on the sides that make for the perfect homage to the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man. The blue and red colours can be rather gaudy for some, but there’s nothing like proclaiming your love for the superhero with his signature elements, and eager fans can do so come July 1, 2019.

Hot on the heels (ha) of the first entry would be The Black Suit that’s decked out in a classy, attractive blend of shock pink, core black, white, and silver. It’s modelled after Venom, with an aesthetic honouring the iconic traits of the symbiote, most notably in the form of fierce, sharp teeth at the heel. This sleek-looking pair of kicks is set to arrive on July 18, 2019.

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With the Stealth Mode model, it seems black is the hottest colour on the block. Slated for release on August 1, 2019, the sneakers will sport glow-in-the-dark details against a dark-coloured backdrop, and the combination of neon green and black sure is looking good.

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Rounding up the entire collection is the Exoskeleton variation set to drop on August 31, 2019. In an effort to honour Marvel’s Iron Spider, the basketball shoes have been crafted to reflect the signature red and metallic gold elements of the legendary character.

All four Spider-Man-themed iterations will be retailing at US$100, and may be found both on the official Adidas website and in physical stores for the duration of their respective launch windows. With the first of the group going live just days before the premiere of the largely-anticipated Spider-Man reboot sequel, fans have the chance to snatch up the pair of kicks before heading to the cinema, as a show of love for their favourite superhero.

Or it could work as bragging rights of sorts – we don’t judge.

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