This Custom PlayStation 4 Is What Gaming Would Look Like In A Zombie Apocalypse

When all hell breaks loose, and our beloved gaming consoles have been crushed under the weight of a rampant world-ending crisis, what do we gamers do? Build our own custom PlayStation 4, of course.

There are a couple of custom PS4 builds in existence out there, such as this potential PS4 toilet. But one such fan was resourceful enough to build a PS4 entirely out of wood, stone and aluminium.


Known as FanlessGuy on Facebook, he modified his PS4 Slim using a combination of the abovementioned materials to replace the internal cooling mechanisms. This made the PS4 run on an entirely noiseless basis — perfect for gaming under the noses of those sound-sensitive zombies scrounging around for living flesh.

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Or also to evade the light sleepers that are your family members should you decide to have nightly runs of The Last of Us Part 2 when it releases next year, or other similar titles. However, you’d need to purchase games digitally online on the PS Store in order to run games silently. Disc-based games will naturally stir up a sound, of course.

Despite how heavy (roughly 10.4kg) and bulky the custom PS4 is compared to the original version, it actually runs a lot cooler, so you don’t have to worry about overheating as much. FanlessGuy explains it in further detail in the video, but for comparison, the unmodded PS4 Slim can go up to 66 degrees Celsius when running games such as Doom, whereas the fanless PS4 clocks up to only 51 degrees Celsius.

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That said, however, FanlessGuy also stated that this custom PlayStation 4 can only function properly for up to 6 months, after which the wood, stone and aluminium internals would start to melt off and need replacing.

Regardless, this is certainly one way in which you can play games during a resource-scarce zombie apocalypse.

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