A Resident Evil 3 Remake Is Reportedly In The Works

Following the release of the masterful remake that is Resident Evil 2 in the early part of this year (2019), and the franchise’s first co-op shooter Project Resistance in the pipeline, it seems Capcom is certainly not letting up on the Resident Evil fever. In fact, a Resident Evil 3 remake is believed to be in the works, with a launch date targeted at 2020.

First brought up in a video by YouTuber Spawn Wave, the piece of news was later lent further credibility by Eurogamer, who writes that “sources close to its development suggest that it has been in development for some time”, although priority is, of course, given to Project Resistance.

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Capcom is understandably keeping mum about the game’s rumoured existence, but it’s hardly a surprise to the community. After all, the industry giant has more or less teased about potential remakes if Resident Evil 2 proved to be successful – and we all know just how phenomenal it did. The addition of various mods, such as spawning two Mr X’s, and turning him into Thomas the Tank Engine, is but a bonus.

Just like Resident Evil 2, a Resident Evil 3 remake would make for a great, nostalgic return to the PS1 days. There have also been some thoughts on whether the future installments of Resident Evil should be released as sequels or remakes, which shouldn’t be an issue at all in 2020 – fans will get to experience both worlds anyway, if the rumour is anything to go by.

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Or perhaps it’s already been written in the S.T.A.R.S. from the moment Resident Evil 2 remake launched.

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