TGS 2019: First Look At New Resident Evil Game Project Resistance Unveiled!

Gear up, and grab ’em trusty weapons, for the upcoming Resident Evil game Project Resistance is all set to deliver maximum undead carnage, complete with a whole new zombie-killing squad in tow.

As teased a week before Tokyo Game Show (TGS) 2019, Capcom has dropped the debut trailer for the next installment of the long-time fan favourite shooter, which appears to usher in the first four-player co-op experience of the franchise.

Starting off with four young people fighting against overwhelming waves of the infected with various weapons on hand, the above reel bears the echo of the Valve’s Left 4 Dead series. Fans of Resident Evil – in particular, Resident Evil 2 – are also in for a treat, as Mr. X closes the video on an ominous note, getting all powered up to rain suffering upon the humans (as if Mr.X in his giant trench-coat isn’t enough of a threat). Different enhanced undead types seem to be a thing, too.

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Details on gameplay have yet to be revealed, although it seems likely that Project Resistance will go down the path of Left 4 Dead, as mentioned earlier, or the four-versus-one team-up a la Dead By Daylight. Either way, we are looking forward to teaching Mr. X who the real boss is – after succumbing to his hands countless times first, of course.

A further look on the game is set to be unveiled at Capcom’s booth at TGS 2019, where Geek Culture will be bearing witness to all the zombie-killing fun, so do keep an eye out for the latest news.

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