This Terrifying Resident Evil 2 Glitch Spawns Two Mr X’s

As if your life on Resident Evil 2 wasn’t hard enough already.

For those of you who have played through the excellent remake of the 1998 classic survival horror game, you would be intimately familiar with the dreaded Tyrant, Mr X. And for those of you who have played it, you’d be intimately familiar with the terrifying heavy, crunching sound of his boots as he stalks you across levels, not speaking a single line, but advancing with a singular goal – to squash your brains to a pulp.

Now, imagine two of Mr X.

This is made possible via a glitch, as demonstrated by Dan The Hitman above, that allows you to manipulate the game’s camera by performing something similar to what he did in the video. Once you’ve managed to glitch it, the game will register it and trigger the appearance of a second Mr X that will hound you to no end, together with the first.

This phenomenon is explained via another video by web channel Boundary Break – a team of folks who play games to breaking point, so viewers can see all the ways with which you can manipulate games. Basically, Resident Evil 2 is designed such that Mr X is triggered to appear in certain moments of the game. This means that he (in asset form) exists in the game, even if you don’t see him yet.

What Dan The Hitman did was to enter that glitched state by walking on a specific part of a staircase, triggering said glitched state, causing him to drop into an out-of-bounds zone – an area that would trigger the appearance of Mr X.

Sounds tricky? That’s because it is. Only when these certain conditions are met can you trigger the appearance of two Mr X’s, and only then will you get to live out your nightmares multiplied by two.

If you survive, do let us know.