A New Star Wars LEGO Game Is Reportedly In Development

The Force seems to be strong this year as we are not just getting a movie, a TV series, and a video game for the Star Wars franchise, but a LEGO video game as well.

At the recent Star Wars Celebration, Matt Wood, the supervising sound editor and sound designer of Skywalker Sound, casually mentioned that a new LEGO Star Wars game was being worked on.

“So many things we’re doing right now, we’ve got Resistance going, Clone Wars going, we’ve got Mandalorian happening, of course, Episode IX happening, there’s a LEGO Star Wars game we’re working on…” Wood said.

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Wood’s comment was most probably a slip of the tongue as we have never heard any mention of a LEGO Star Wars game till now. This will make it the second time someone accidentally let slip important news at the Star Wars Celebration now.

Of course, LEGO’s game publisher Warner Bros. has yet to make an official statement about this but seeing as how Skywalker Sound is the official Disney-owned audio company behind the Star Wars franchise, we are most certain Wood knows what he is talking about.  

Furthermore, Eurogamer reported that according to its sources close to the game’s production that the LEGO Star Wars project is an ambitious one, and that the game will be more than just an adaptation of Episode 8 and 9. Eurogamers describe the upcoming LEGO Star Wars game as the ‘ultimate’ LEGO Star Wars game.

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This will also be the latest LEGO Star Wars game since LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens which released in 2016.

The LEGO Star Wars game is rumoured to be released later this year and we can only hope that Warner Bros. releases more news about the game soon.

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