5 Things We Learned From Star Wars Celebration’s Mandalorian Panel

Star Wars Celebration 2019 gave us not only the trailer to the much-awaited finale to the Skywalker Saga, a look at the upcomingStar Wars Jedi: Fallen Order by Respawn, but also more details for the very first Star Wars TV series, The Mandalorian.

During the panel for The Mandalorian, which will be shown exclusively on Disney+, executive producer Jon Favreau as well head of Lucasfilm Kathleen Kennedy, and stars of the show Pedro Pascal, Gina Carano, and Carl Weathers offered a bit more insight into the upcoming TV series.

Here is what we learned from the panel,

Who is the Mandalorian?

The short answer to the question is, we don’t know.

The identity of the Mandalorian is evidently being set up for a big reveal later on in the series. With Pascal referring to the “mysterious lone gunfighter” as only the Mandalorian throughout the panel. “Some might say he has questionable moral character, in line with some of our best Westerns, and some good samurai [films],” Pascal explains during the panel. “And he’s a badass.”

We do know that the Mandalorian’s ship is called the Razor Crest.

Who will Carano and Weathers be playing?

During the panel, Gina Carano introduced her character Cara Dune for the first time. An ex-Rebel Shock Trooper, Carano explained that Dune is somewhat of a loner and someone who has trouble reintegrating herself into society following the events of the third movie.

On the other hand, Weathers will be playing Greef (How cool of a name is that?), who leads a band of bounty hunters and is looking to get a product for a client of his, and ends up enlisting the help of the Mandalorian to get the job done.

What time period is The Mandalorian set in?

It has long been rumoured that The Mandalorian will take place between the events of The Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens. Favreau finally gave us a more definite time period for when the series will take place — the start of The Mandalorian will take place about five years after the events of 1983’s The Return of the Jedi.

For those of you thinking that it’ll mean that the series will take on a happier tone (after all the Rebel Alliance did win), Favreau and Filoni mentioned that they wish to take a look at the darker aspects of a galaxy that has recently gone through such a major upheaval.

“It was really compelling to me, what happens after the celebration of the Empire falling?” teased Favreau. “The revolution’s successful… and then what happens?”

He added, “You have only the strong surviving, you have chaos taking over in the galaxy.” Indeed we’d like to see for ourselves the kind of characters that will survive in the aftermath of Return of the Jedi.

What will The Mandalorian be like?

Favreau mentioned during the panel that he looked heavily into the kind of “scum and villainy” that was rampant in the universe of George Lucas’ first film, hence we can expect The Mandalorian to have some tonal similarities with George Lucas’ original films.

Pascal also stated that a significant part of his preparation for his role was spent studying classic films from the likes of Sergio Leone and Akira Kurosawa. He also compared the character of the Mandalorian to a Clint Eastwood type of guy.

Who is The Mandalorian for?

Though the series will definitely be a treasure trove of nostalgia and easter eggs for long-time Star Wars fans, such as appearances by fellow bounty hunter IG-88 from Empire Strikes Back, Favreau has guaranteed that the series will also appeal to those new to Star Wars.

The Mandalorian will be a show that “anyone could sit down in their seats and enjoy,” Favreau said. Still, “If you’ve been a fan for 40 years, there’s a lot in here for you, ” he added.