The Quarry

Get Spooked With Geek Culture And 2K Games’ Exclusive Screening Of ‘The Quarry’

Combat action is a great source of adrenaline, but sometimes you just need that extra kick to spice things up. That’s when horror thrills usually do the trick, surprising audiences with tense build-ups, eerie music, lingering suspense, and jump scares. In movies, you watch the terror unfold through a lens; in games, you participate in the experience.

The Quarry

Supermassive Games’ The Quarry looks to bring the best of both worlds by combining these presentation mediums. Touted as a survival horror interactive drama video game, it follows nine young camp counsellors who are stuck at Hackett’s Quarry in Upstate New York, and must survive a night while being hunted by “bloodthirsty locals and a creature much more sinister.”

And as if running away from dangerous, supernatural forces doesn’t get enough of your blood pumping, there’s a choice system that further adds to the stress. Along the course of the story, the player is forced to make different decisions, which can change the character development, the plot, and the relationships between different characters. According to game director Will Byles, a total of 186 different endings are laying in wait, with each character potentially dying in 10 to 12 different ways. Hoo boy.

Participating in a playthrough isn’t the only way to enjoy The Quarry, however. A movie-only mode allows players to sit back, set the personality traits of different characters, and have the story play out by itself, so they can escape the weight of decision-making and relinquish their hold on the characters’ fate.

The Quarry

If all of that sounds right up your alley, you’re right in luck. In partnership with 2K Games, we’ll be giving away 25 pairs of tickets to an exclusive The Quarry screening on the exact date of the game’s release. What this means is that you’ll be able to catch an extensive look at it on day zero and enjoy the thrills together with other horror fans.


Date: 10 June 2022, Friday
Time: 8pm
Rating: M18
Location: The Projector – 6001 Beach Rd, #05-00,

Golden Mile Tower, Singapore 199589

In addition to the tickets, winners will also get their hands on limited-edition t-shirts and posters. Our preview piece described The Quarry to be “a nice love letter to all the blood and gore,” so horror buffs should be in for a good time.


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