2020 Welcomes Galactus As Mysterious Heartbeat Detected In Space

In light of all that has been happening in 2020, one might probably have been accustomed to receiving bad news. Let’s take a look at each month and see the worst that has happened up until now:

  • January – Australia bushfires, World War III almost happened, Kobe and Gigi Bryant die in helicopter crash
  • February – COVID-19 officially named, spreads across the globe beyond Wuhan, China
  • March – Italy begins nationwide lockdown with others to soon follow, Circuit Breaker in Singapore begins
  • April – Number of COVID-19 cases exceeds 1 million globally
  • May- Death of George Floyd sparks massive riots in the US
  • June – Riots extend beyond the US, global COVID-19 death toll exceeds 500,000
  • July – North Korea goes on lockdown after first suspected case of COVID-19
  • August – Explosions in Beirut, Lebanon

And then, midway through August, the Internet community was terrified by the potential threat of something beyond this Earth: Galactus.

Earlier this week, The Independent reported that an anomaly in outer space dubbed as a “heartbeat” was discovered by scientists. The research stated that the phenomenon came from a cosmic gas cloud situated 15,000 light years away from Earth, which seemed to be “beating” to the rhythm of a black hole that was about 100 light years away from the gas cloud.

“Finding such an unambiguous connection via timing, about 100 light-years away from the micro quasar, not even along the direction of the jets is as unexpected as amazing,” researcher Jian Li stated in a recent report. “But how the black hole can power the gas cloud’s heartbeat is unclear to us.”

The Independent‘s article no doubt stirred a frantic buzz among netizens, who constantly attributed the “heartbeat” and this black hole to the awakening of Galactus.

For the uninitiated, Galactus is iconic in Marvel Comics history simply for being a gargantuan cosmic entity capable of devouring entire planets, much like how a black hole indiscriminately consumes all matter close to it.

But of course, where there is Galactus, there is also his herald, the Silver Surfer.

But even if Silver Surfer didn’t exist, our fears might be allayed by the existence of the life-size Mobile Suit Gundam RX-78FOO in Japan, which we’re hoping might possess the firepower necessary to deter such a threat (though we all know the chances of success against a creature such as Galactus might be less than slim).

And as DC Barry rightly points out, it’s only natural that Earth gets consumed by Galactus after such a tumultuous year.

In all fairness, however, this single heartbeat could only mean the first of many, so even if Galactus were to awaken, it could take years — or even decades — for him to reach planet Earth. But then again, who knows? Perhaps an entity as powerful as he will be able to easily cover 15,000 light-years just to reach our stratosphere.

Only time will tell, perhaps. Let’s just hope we at least get to get our hands on the PlayStation 5 by the time he comes knocking on heaven’s door.