Netflix, HBO & Other Major Networks Assemble In Honour Of George Floyd

The past week has been a devastating one for Americans and the rest of the world at large. However, in spite of it, folks from across the globe have made efforts to stand together amidst the chaos.

In the wake of the Minneapolis riots following the death of George Floyd, American TV networks and media companies including the likes of Netflix, Amazon, HBO, Hulu, ViacomCBS, among others, have all taken a united stand in support of the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag movement that has been circulating social media of late.

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Even the likes of Marvel Entertainment and YouTube have joined in the collective efforts to support the African-American community:

“We, too, are struggling to make sense of the recent tragedies that leave us feeling overcome with sorrow,” said a recent statement issued by The Walt Disney Company co-written by CEO Bob Chapek, Executive Chairman Bob Iger and Chief Diversity Officer Latondra Newton (via Deadline).

“While we don’t have all the answers, we resolve to use our compassion, our creative ideas and our collective sense of humanity to ensure we are fostering a culture that acknowledges our people’s feelings and their pain. We also realize that now more than ever is the time for us all to further strengthen our commitment to diversity and inclusion everywhere.”

As the situation in Minneapolis and parts of the US continues to escalate, the combined gesture put out by the various companies here will no doubt go a long way to help bring #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd.