You Can Now Build Your Own 60cm-Tall Godzilla With This New Kaiju Magazine From Japan

Zoids? Cool. Gundam? Okay. Transformers? Sure. But why settle for mecha figures when you can go for the OG monster, Godzilla?

In celebration of 65 years of the screening of the timeless 1954 movie Gojira, the folks at DeAgostini have come up with arguably the best way for you to show your love for this iconic beast — a buildable remote-controlled figure of Godzilla!

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The Japanese toymaker has recreated Godzilla in a 1/87-scale model, which racks up to a terrifying 60cm (2′) in height — about the size of a toddler. Based on the advertisement and the site details, it’s a motor-powered, remote-controlled figure, so it will lumber about as was seen in the movies.

The arms and legs give it that basic locomotion, and the tail swooshes from left to right to in majestic fashion. Perhaps what’s coolest is the fact that this Godzilla figure emits its iconic roar, coupled with the fact that its spine ridges light up with that phosphorescent glow.

It’s just a shame that it doesn’t actually shoot out its Atomic Breath when it lights up, though. But who cares, it’s still Godzilla in the flesh. Er, gear.

Because of the size and scale of the thing, Deagostini will be releasing the Godzilla figure in droves via a zine that will be delivered at weekly intervals, hence the title “Make a Weekly Godzilla”. This will be much like the 1:8-scale Delorean. The 80-step instructions will also be separated into different issues, and will typically cover the various parts that come with it.

Issue #1 of Make A Weekly Godzilla.

The first of fifteen total issues ships from Japan in August 27, 2019, and retails for ¥490 . Each subsequent issue will go for approximately ¥1,990 / month, for up to 15 weeks, ending on 11 November 2019. As an added bonus, you’ll get free shipping if you subscribe regularly for all 15 weeks. Afterwards, you can purchase the whole thing in one go, but obviously at a markup.

To pre-order this hulking beast of a buildable figure to lay waste to your living room, you can head over to the DeAgostini site.

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