You Can Hold Now Spa Sessions In The Comfort Of Your Bedroom With The LG Pra.L

When one thinks of LG, fridges and washing machines usually springs to mind.

If it isn’t their home appliances, then it will more often than not be their range of OLED or Nanocell televisions. After all, they are the peak when it comes to television enthusiasts for the most part. Now, after years of research and development, LG will finally be launching their range of home beauty products in Singapore that, according to LG,  is designed to give users a comprehensive spa experience right at home — the LG Pra.L

So, just what is the LG Pra.L? Apart from a name that doesn’t quite roll off the tongue.

The LG Pra.L consists of not just one device, but four devices:

  • a Dual Motion Cleanser
  • a Galvanic Ion Booster
  • a Total Lift Up Care
  • a Derma LED Mask

Though it is not necessary to have all four products, it is still highly recommended by LG in order for users to get that full spa experience. 

For girls who use makeup daily, or even cosplayers who often apply a full face of heavy makeup for one convention or photoshoot, it is important to make sure that your face is clean after a day of wearing the makeup. You wouldn’t want an unsightly pimple to break out on your face now, would you? This is where the Dual Motion Cleanser comes in, with its silicon and fibre brush head that works to help scrub and cleanse your face of any dirt and makeup.

Meanwhile, the Galvanic Ion Booster, as its name suggests, makes use of both positive and negative ions to help remove impurities in the skin and boost the rate of absorption for skincare products. While the Cleanser works to remove any surface impurities and makeup, the Galvanic Ion Booster works to cleanse the user of impurities in the user’s skin.

The Total Lift Up Care helps to improve the skin’s elasticity which tends to drop with age, giving users tighter and firmer skin. While the two aforementioned are suitable for daily use, LG recommends that users need only use the Total Life Up Care twice a week, for six minutes each day for visible results. If you often find yourself falling back on beauty camera apps to help remove unsightly laugh lines, then the Total Lift Up Care will be your new best friend. 

Now, what is perhaps the coolest of the bunch, the Derma LED Mask. Looking like it came straight out of a Daftpunk music video, the Derma LED Mask works to improve one’s skin tone and elasticity quickly and effortlessly. All users need to do is pop the Mask on, then sit back and relax for nine minutes. The Mask can be used both on bare faces or with skincare products on. It also comes with 160 red LEDs and infrared LEDs which penetrate the skin at different depths to create firmer and more elastic skin. 

When asked about why they have finally decided to venture into the realm of beauty products, LG’s Sales Head and R&D Engineer Elysia Lee explained that the idea originated from one of the labs in LG. 

“As you know, we are experts in LED and OLEDs. We do have the technology that can work. So we were searching [for ways] to give more new, innovative ideas to our customers, not only with the electronic products,” said Elysia. 

It might seem fairly out of the blue for LG to release a line of beauty products but LG assures us that they have undergone years of research, since 2012 in fact, and development before they felt that they were ready to release their very first line of beauty products to the mass market. Of course, one inevitably faces troubles and setbacks along the way, especially when trying to develop a new product that the company has never had before. In LG’s case, they stated that they have spent a long time trying to figure out the right balance of “functionality and safety”. 

“It is a beauty device, but we wish to make it [capable of] giving a similar effect to medical devices,” said Elysia. “It is not a medical device but we want it to deliver the effect of the medical device. So we had to watch out for safety issues plus the functionality as well.”  

For example, if one wishes to see the best skin tightening effect, then ideally more LED lights should be placed in the Derma LED Mask. However, significantly increasing the number of LED lights might have adverse effects on the skin and that is why they did not go crazy with the number of LED lights in the Mask, sticking to a safe number of 160 red and infrared LEDs in the mask. LG has placed such a high value in the safety of the Pra.L that it is not just FDA registered, it is FDA certified as well. 

Having released their product into a market which is slowly seeing a rise in beauty tech, LG says that the Pra.L is made to complement items already owned by their customers. Users can use their own creams and serums with the Pra.L, the beauty products are there to help cleanse your face of impurities and then increase the absorption of skincare products by about as high as 90%. The Pra.L also has features that are not seen in some other products, such as the Dual Motion Cleanser which has both a fibre and silicon brush, unlike the Clarisonic which only comes with the fibre brush. The Dual Motion Cleanser also comes with a UV cradle for better sanitation. 

With regard to a specific order to use the four products in, LG states that it differs case by case but usually one would use it in this specific order: starting with the Dual Motion Cleanser, before moving onto the Galvanic Ion Booster and Total Lift Up Care, and finally finishing off with the Derma LED Mask. 

Though LG does not recommend using all four products every day. The Dual Motion Cleanser and Galvanic Ion Booster is apparently suitable for daily use, while they recommend that users only use the Total Lift Up only twice a week, and be careful to allocate time for both halves of your face. You would not want one side to be a little more ‘lifted’ than the other now, would you? The Derma LED Mask is only suitable to be used for 9 minutes a day. Though they assure us that nothing severe will happen if you do exceed the nine minutes, it is still best to be careful especially when you are exposing your face to red and infrared lights. 

Red and infrared lights were chosen to be used in the Derma LED Mask as LG’s research has shown that these two work best in activating the skin cells, with both helping the skin cells to absorb serums and gels applied onto skin even better.

Of course while safe, the product is still unsuitable to be used for pregnant women so if you are expecting or suspect that you might be pregnant, do take note of this and steer clear of the Derma LED Mask and Total Lift Up Care, which also uses red LED lights to help improve skin elasticity. 

With regards to the price of the products, it will definitely be pricier than other alternatives already out in the market. When asked about the price of their products in relation to other more affordable beauty products currently in the market, LG explains that Pra.L uses the same material used in medical implants, making sure that the material will be safe for contact with human skin, and hence justifying its higher retail price.

Having placed safety as the number one factor when developing Pra.L, making sure to use medically safe materials and doing extensive tests on the efficacy of the products, these factors should more than justify the premium price point of the Pra.L. It’s simply a case of getting what you pay for. You want to be sure that the mask filled with LED lights is FDA certified and safe to use on your bare skin? Then go with the Pra.L. 

LG’s Home Electronics Marketing Communication Division Vice President J.S Lee has stated LG will continuously strive to meet the needs of the public. If there is a need for a product that is within their capabilities, then they will work towards it. In the same vein, when asked about the future of beauty products for LG, he says that if there is a need for more beauty products, then “as an IT company, we have a duty to meet that need.” LG is also open to the idea of developing skincare products to complement the Pra.L, though it seems it will not be released anytime soon. 

LG will be launching the Pra.L on July 24, at the open atrium outside Tangs at Orchard Road. Be sure to head down to get a look at LG’s very first line of premium beauty products.