A Peek Into LG’s Luxe Changwon Penthouse Filled With The Best Appliances Money Can Buy

When one thinks of LG, they’d probably think of South Korea and Seoul. However, the greatest showcase of LG’s Signature products cannot be found in the capital city but on the southeast coast of South Korea in Changwon.

Having obtained a rare opportunity to look into the scenes of LG’s Changwon R&D centre, an entire floor is tastefully furnished with top tier LG home appliances which will leave you lusting for one right away.

No dirty shoes in this place, the LG penthouse welcomes everyone to enter their domain while keeping it spick and span.

Entering the home, we’re greeted with a glorious and spacious living room. Immediately, it becomes apparent how LG has strategically placed a variety of their home appliances around the heart of the home.

With guests around, the best thing one can offer them, apart from a nice cool drink, is a comfortable environment to hang out. While one could light a candle to mask any funky smells in the home, a more premium alternative would be to house a standing LG air purifier to keep the air in the living room clean and breathable. It’s not your regular run of the mill air but air atomized with purified water to create an environment with perfect humidity.

All that hosting will make both host and guest hungry soon enough. As we move on into the kitchen, LG truly flexes their big push into the premium kitchen range with the Signature Kitchen Suite. If you’re looking to get any one of these, be prepared to build your kitchen around them as these are not your standard built-in kitchen appliances.

Pretty much all the controls are primarily built around touch controls and even the dials have their own individual digital displays as well –

This even applies to their induction stove tops too –

These look cool and all but the most impressive pick of the lot has to be LG’s take on the conventional wine chiller –

At first glance, it might look like a regular chiller but on closer look, you’d see that LG has made this chiller customisable to allow for wines to be stored at various temperatures –

This might totally be unrelatable to the layman, but in the off chance you might own an impressive, and expensive, wine collection, no expense should be spared to ensure optimal storage conditions.

Retiring into the bedroom for the night, it’s always wise to get prepped the evening before and avoid the morning rush. The LG Styler has built up a steady reputation in ensuring your clothes feel like they just got back from the dry cleaners. Once again, you’d want to make space in the bedroom for the LG styler to ensure there’s enough space for his and hers –

Once again, if the air isn’t up to snuff, the portable LG PuriCare Mini might be the tool to do the trick –

While not as heavy duty as the air purifier in the living room, this pocket powerhouse will be more than sufficient to keep the air around your personal space clean and pure.

While the Styler can only go so far to keep clothes fresh and pressed, the core magic happens with LG’s range of Signature washing machines. Honestly, at such massive sizes, the Signature washing machines truly deserve a laundry room which does it justice.

Placed alongside its smaller cousin, the black of the higher end Signature Series washing machine stands in stark contrast against the traditional white coloured machine. LG is doing their best to flip the script in making their premium products definite head turners.

Amidst the hustle and bustle, this massive robot vacuum cleaner is looking to clean things up once things get quiet. Pretty sure he’s put to good use once we leave the penthouse. Armed with an actual mounted camera, the R9 robot vacuum will have no issues navigating around the home. The real worry is getting into those nooks and crannies given the cyclops’ massive bulk.

With LG constructing a realm of possibilities by giving us a glimpse of potentially how life could be like for the folks who can afford this range of devices we can’t help but wonder if the tech might trickle down to the layman. As it stands, this entire penthouse is filled with life goals representing the peak of optimal (and luxe) home living waiting to be obtained, ideally sooner than later.