Yoshi Comes To Life With Latest Update On Super Nintendo World Japan

With all the various updates we have seen on the long-awaited Super Nintendo World, it appears to be coming along rather nicely, with aerial shots of the theme park showing us bright vibrant sections of the park as well as a leaked photo of the official signage for the park

This time, a new video (via Nintendo Life) has surfaced that shows a life-sized model of Mario’s lovable sidekick Yoshi walking around a tree. 

From the video, we can also see the signature spinning coins from the game, as well as a Thwomp, Goomba and Koopa Troopa all displayed alongside Mario’s signature colourful blocks.

As mentioned, the park seems to be making good progress. And it looks like as we get closer to the theme park’s scheduled summer 2020 release, more videos bearing updates to Super Nintendo World is released, and we can’t wait to see what other updates future leaks will bring us.