‘Resident Evil’ Halloween Zombie Maze At Universal Studios Japan Bars Kids

Get ready to face your fears! Universal Studios Japan (USJ) is adding a brand-new Resident Evil attraction. But sorry, kiddos—this one’s too spooky for you.

Leon Kennedy, zombies and chainsaw men will be your terrifying guides in this haunted house. It’s been a while since USJ introduced a big-name movie attraction and this frightful addition is more than welcome.

Resident Evil Universal Studios Japan

Teaming up with Osaka-based game developer Capcom, USJ is launching Biohazard Night of Heroes (Biohazard is the name of the Resident Evil franchise in Japan). This fright fest kicks off every evening at 6 p.m. as part of USJ’s Halloween celebrations. Daytime is for kid-friendly fun, but nighttime is for hardcore horror!

USJ describes Biohazard Night of Heroes as “an immersive experience surrounded by the Resident Evil world, just like in the games.” Guests will “face their fears alongside the heroes” of the series. Sounds like a walk-through haunted house, right? The collaboration was teased on USJ’s official X/Twitter account.

Don’t worry, you probably won’t die in there. The “Can you survive?” question likely hints at some sort of interactive challenge. Amusement parks in Japan love these game-like elements, and it makes perfect sense for a video game-based attraction.

Expect to encounter zombies (duh) and iconic enemies like the Licker and Nemesis. There’s also a “chainsaw man,” but don’t mix him up with the Chainsaw Man from the anime attraction next door.

Halloween Resident Evil attractions are a USJ tradition, and Biohazard Night of Heroes continues the trend of keeping little kids out. The park’s website states that guests 12 and under are prohibited from entering. They also advise, “Regardless of age, we cannot recommend this attraction to guests who are uncomfortable with grotesque sights.”

For the brave souls ready to face their nightmares, Biohazard Night of Heroes runs from 6 September to 4 November. Happy haunting!