Super Nintendo World Coming Together With Official Sign Leaked

Summer is nearly here. In the geek space, one way of being able to tell the time of year while being stuck in quarantine are leaks of the long-awaited Super Nintendo World theme park at Universal Studios Japan. And this time, we have more.

Recently, photos of the main signage for Super Nintendo World have surfaced, thanks to @RizuRizu32 on Twitter (via NintendoSoup. Despite being draped in cloth, it is yet another indicator that the folks behind the upcoming theme park are hard at work ensure it is on track to release in summer 2020, just in time for the Tokyo Summer Olympics.

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Additionally, more aerial shots have been taken, suggesting that the staff are working on testing out the nighttime lighting rigs for the various rides. Here are some well-taken shows of several attractions, including Bowser’s Castle, courtesy of @jyomii7 on Instagram (via Attractions Magazine):


Things are certainly looking upbeat for Super Nintendo World. However, despite USJ announcing its reopening on 19 June in an attempt to recover from the COVID-19 outbreak, the company stated that it will do so with a limited capacity of guests at a time. More updates as to the lifting of these limitations will be announced at a later date.

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