Wizards Of The Coast Is Making A Transformers Trading Card Game

There’s still half a year to go before the new Bumblebee movie comes out, and if you’re looking to scratch that Transformers itch without watching Dark of The Moon for the 50th time, you’ll be glad to know that everyone’s favourite robots in disguise are getting their very own trading card game (TCG).

Not a lot has been revealed at the moment, but we know this much — it’s being developed by Hasbro and TCG legends Wizards of the Coast (you might know them from a little game called Magic: The Gathering), its cards will very fittingly be twice the size of normal trading cards, and the collection will feature classic characters like Optimus Prime, Ironhide and of course, Bumblebee.

And what would a Transformers TCG be without some transforming? Much like the transform mechanic in Magic: The Gathering, you’ll be able to flip the cards to switch from “bot mode” to “alt mode”, and soup up your character with the help of Action and Upgrade cards. Thus, deck sizes for this new game might not rely on a big pool of cards and rely on your hero choices ala Star Wars: Destiny.

The Transformers Trading Card Game is slated for release on September 28 (in the US, at least), but Wizards of the Coast will be providing a more in-depth reveal at the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con 2018 this month. We’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for this one.