What If The Avengers Were Reimagined As Disney Animated Characters?

Though it has been more than a decade since Disney has acquired Marvel, we have yet to properly see a crossover between Earth’s mightiest heroes and the many Disney characters from beloved movies such as Frozen and Wreck-it Ralph. 

Fortunately, French artist Samuel Chevé is here to fill in that void with his various rendition of Disney characters cosplaying as our favourite characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe

It might not exactly be the crossover we were initially hoping to see, and most of the characters taken are from more modern Disney films such as Frozen, Wreck-it Ralph, and Tangled, but it is still great to see nonetheless. Who knows, Cheve might just one day turn Tiana into Shuri or Cinderella into Pepper Potts.

Take a look a Chevé’s amazing art for yourself!


Guardians of the Galaxy

Thor: Ragnarok

Cheve even made fanart of Tony Stark’s young daughter Morgan Stark and his assistant Happy Hogan.

These fan arts are amazing and we can’t wait to see what Chevé comes up with next. Apparently, he might be turning Elsa into Gwen Stacey, to match his fan art of Anna as Mary Jane Watson.