Upgraded 2021 Nintendo Switch Reportedly Opts For Upscaling Instead Of Native 4K

The long-awaited 2021 Nintendo Switch has been rumoured for a while now. Reports indicate that Nintendo is planning on blessing us with a “4K display” on our consoles with an upgraded version of the OLED display.

The current version of the switch uses an Nvidia Tegra X1+system-on-a -chip (SoC). The new version uses an upgraded SoC that will support Nvidia’s Deep Learning Super-Sampling (DLSS).

How it works is that DLSS uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to produce a higher-resolution image. The benefit of the DLSS is that it upscales the image instead of outputting the resolution natively, reducing the cost of the 4K rendering.

The DLSS works exclusively with Nvidia’s Geforce RTX 20 and 30 chips. Since Nvidia’s newest SoC, Orin, uses the same Ampere graphics architectures as the RTX 30 series, the new Switch might be using something similar.

Looks like the new versions will only be releasing later this year. Hang on tight, and while you wait, take a look at some cool designs like the Monster Hunter and Mario colourway of the current switch.

The only worrying thing now is an overall chip shortage that will effect most modern consumer electronics. Whether or not we will see a brand new Nintendo Switch largely depends on how the supply chain eases up eventually.