Hasbro Announces New Animatronic Snacking Grogu “Baby Yoda” Toy

We all adore and love little Grogu. The big-eyed baby struck the hearts of many when it first appeared in the first season of The Mandalorian. So is it time to get a doll that resembles this cute creature?

Hasbro has announced a new doll featuring the little Grogu. Not only is he super adorable, but you can change what Grogu is snacking on. The animated toy comes with four accessories. A green macaroon-looking cookie, a bowl of tentacle soup, the shifter knob from Din Djarin’s Razor Crest ship, and a spoon.

Grogu stands at 9.25 inches (23cm) tall. His eyes, ears, and arms can move when interacted with. He can make over 40 sound and motion combinations as well. While you feed Grogu, he will react by moving his mouth, paired with sounds of enjoyment or disgust. For the kids, Grogu will periodically whine and raise his hands up for attention, making owners pick him up for hugs.

Owners can also pet Grogu twice on the head to activate him to hold his hands out while channeling the force within him.

This is not Hasbro’s first time releasing Grogu merchandise. But this must be the cutest. The toy will only be released on 1 December 2021, but you can pre-order it now on Amazon for US$79.99 (S$107.70).