‘Totally Spies’ Gets Live-Action Makeover At Amazon… From Will Ferrell?

Amazon MGM Studios is gearing up to bring a fresh take on the beloved animated series Totally Spies!, this time as a live-action TV series, with none other than comedy icon Will Ferrell joining as an executive producer. The new project, co-produced with Banijay Kids & Family, promises to modernise the adventures of Sam, Clover, and Alex for a new generation.

Totally Spies! originally launched over two decades ago and quickly captured the hearts of viewers with its blend of high school drama and spy-genre action. The show featured three high school girls who led double lives as international secret agents, dealing with villains while navigating the challenges of teenage life.

Totally Spies

The live-action series will explore the trio’s transition to college life, balancing their undercover activities with the everyday trials of university. Jessica Elbaum of Gloria Sanchez Productions, which is known for female-led stories such as Booksmart and Hustlers, expressed excitement about the adaptation, as per Variety:

“Will, Alix and I are thrilled to be joining our partners at Amazon and Banijay to bring Totally Spies! to life as a live-action show. Gloria Sanchez was originally founded to tell stories about complicated characters and empower female voices and storytellers. As longtime fans of the animated show, we couldn’t think of a story more fitting to our ethos. The themes of girl-power, never sacrificing friendship, fun, or your true self to be successful resonated with us then, and feel ripe to revisit now.”

Totally Spies

Banijay Kids & Family’s producer Benoît Di Sabatino highlighted the show’s global success, noting that Totally Spies! has been translated into 60 languages and remains popular worldwide, bolstered by its extensive social media following and a newly launched seventh season:

“With a social media base of 3 million, the series continues to thrive in its animation form with the recently launched 7th season. Rola Bauer approached me for a live-action adaptation, and we were thrilled to partner with Amazon MGM Studios. With her, Ludovic Attal, and Punit Matoo’s support, we are honoured to join such a stronghold of female-focused producers in Gloria Sanchez Productions to produce for Prime Video.”

Totally Spies

While specific plot details and character arcs remain under wraps, the series is set to follow the friends as they navigate the complexities of saving the world while dealing with the pressures of college. The decision to adapt the series into live-action follows a trend of revitalising popular animated series to appeal to both new audiences and nostalgic fans.

As of now, no release date has been set for the Totally Spies! live-action series, nor has the creative team been announced. However, the collaboration between these powerhouse producers and a platform like Amazon suggests that the series will be a significant addition to the streaming service’s lineup, which also includes the Blade Runner 2099 and Legally Blonde TV series, among others.