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‘Starfield’ Players Are Building Iconic Sci-Fi Ships From Star Wars, Star Trek, And More

Header image credit: u/HatedPath

Leave customisation in the player’s hands, and delightful creations always await. As Starfield gears up for its official launch on 6 September, early access players have already impressed with their recreations of iconic sci-fi ships in popular media.

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Designed via the game’s ship creator, these homages include spaceships from Star Wars, Star Trek, Mass Effect, Firefly, and more. Aptly kicking things off is none other than the Millennium Falcon, Han Solo’s ever-reliable light freighter, which has popped up several times:

The rest of the spaceships from a galaxy far, far away aren’t left in the dust, either. Say hello to the X-Wing, Y-Wing, Imperial Star Destroyer, and Ebon Hawk as they take to the vast expanse of Starfield‘s skies.

The likes of Firefly‘s Serenity, Star Trek‘s The Enterprise, and Mass Effect‘s Normandy have also gotten their own special tributes:

Halo is in on the space party, too. The Pelican and USNC frigate Forward Unto Dawn are looking real slick, with even the smallest of their details captured perfectly.

As for real world influences, here’s a nice little tribute to “the ones who paved the way,” inspired by an OG NASA shuttle.

It’s amazing how many custom ships have been created in Starfield, and more will only follow when the game fully releases on 6 September. The sky’s the limit, after all, and it’d be interesting to see how else players can flex their creative muscles on this front. No worries if ship-building isn’t your forte — there’s plenty of other things to do in Bethesda’s massive sci-fi world, from customising and managing an outpost to exploring over 1,000 planets.