Japan Has Designed The Ultimate Gaming Toilet Bowl. Really.

You’re locked in intense combat with the Corrupted Monk in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. You’re dodging and deflecting his many strikes with ease, and you’re about to break his Posture and land the killing blow. You’ve died to him over fifty times now, and you feel like this may just be your best chance to finally down him.

And then your bladder screams loudly at you to relieve it. You’re at a crucial moment in the fight, and the restroom feels like a mile away. Do you pause your game and quickly relieve yourself, killing off any momentum you had (and possibly killing your character because you paused and resumed at a bad timing), or do you finish up first, risking wetting your pants and your seat?

Well, fear no more, because Japan might just have come up with a solution to that long-running problem of games and the call of nature constantly in conflict. Japanese illustrator @peter6409 might have just come up with an ingenious idea to build a gaming toilet, as seen on his Twitter post.

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Yes, we sh*t you not. And it seems @peter6409 really thought this one through. The padded toilet seat (much akin to what we might see in Secretlab chairs) lights up when you lift it (say what, again?); there’s a mount for your console (in this case the design shows a Glacier White PS4, but you get the drift);  you’ll get to hang your gaming headset to the side; and finally there’s a WiFi router hooked up around the back.

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Of course, you’d notice the lack of a monitor, but that can be easily mounted on the wall in front of the toilet seat. The focus here is how to fit all your gaming necessities into the comfort of your toilet seat, and @peter6409 has done a spectacular job.

This isn’t the first time the toilet seat has been geek-ified, as we’ve seen in last year’s toilet-transforming toys by Chinese brand ToyWolf.

Now all we need is for folks like Secretlab to hook up with this guy, and soon we’ll be running marathon sessions of Red Dead Redemption 2 without the fear of missing out on any action…

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