These RTX 3080-Powered Sneakers Are A Real Kicker

The PC master race kicks in once again…this time, in a rather literal manner. In a move that nobody probably saw coming, hardware manufacturer NZXT and virtual sneaker designer Artefact Studios, or RTFKT, have joined forces to unveil what seems to be a PC sneaker system powered by an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 GPU.

Sporting the colourways of purple, black, and white, the shoes appear to house NZXT’s Kraken Z-3 liquid cooler on each side, with an exterior LCD screen capable of displaying content, including popular anime characters like Yu-Gi-Oh!’s Yugi. A fully-functional PC, packed into a small form factor, sits on the inside, and connection to a display

It’s most certainly a bizarre contraception that raises a handful of unanswered questions: will this actually be used for gaming, or is it meant to be more of a rare collectible? What other hardware specifications is it running on? Will the kicks be available for the public, or are they set aside only for a select group of individuals? More importantly, can they be worn?

Both NZXT and RTFKT have yet to confirm the answers to these questions, although having a genuinely-functioning sneaker-PC hybrid doesn’t sound too far of a stretch. It all sounds rather insane, especially with the limited availability of RTX 3080 graphics cards, but hey, if it works, then that’s definitely one for the books.