Casio Releases New Pikachu Baby-G Watch For Cute Pokémon Trainers

After multiple successful collaborations, Casio G-SHOCK has teamed up with Pokémon to release yet another new version of its popular Baby-G watch.

Decked out in beige with hints of pink and brown, the Pikachu Baby-G watch isn’t just perfect for cute and girly Pokémon trainers, it’s just in time for Valentine’s Day too.

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Like other Baby-G watches, the Pikachu watch is designed to have a battery life of 10 years, water-resistance of 10 bar and the ability to survive a 10 metres fall.

It may appear soft and romantic due to the colour scheme of the watch, but this Baby-G watch is no fragile item. If the Baby-G watch was a Pokémon, it’ll have perfect stats.

Paying homage to the female Pikachu, the watch features heart-shaped Pikachu tail on the watch’s band and displays Pikachu’s face in gold right in the centre of the watch. Pikachu’s ears act as the minute and hour hands of the watch and it’s oh-so-adorable.

Speaking of faces, the Baby-G watch is dual-faced and tells the time in both analogue and digital. With a watch this cute, you’ll never have to miss important schedules or brunch dates because you’ll always be looking at it. The best part is, this watch comes beautifully packaged in a Poké ball – perfect for Pokémon trainers!


The watch retails for US$150 and is available for pre-order on G-SHOCK’s website on 2 February 2021.

The pastel pink Pikachu Baby-G watch is a beautiful addition to G-SHOCK’s past Pokémon collections back in 2019 that features Pokémons such as Charmander, Starmie and Gyarados as well a 25th Anniversary Celebration watch with Pikachu fronting the design again.