The Shore – A Lovecraftian First Person Horror Game Has Us Totally Spooked

One man development seems to be all the rage these days, and with Ares Dragonis’ The Shore, the trend seems to be taking flight.

Here’s the official description of the game –

The Shore is a game that focuses on the mystery of the unknown on a forbidden island with horror elements. The whole story is based on mythology that goes deep through Lovecraft’s creations and beyond. Experience the world through immersive atmospheric gameplay. Encounter the most nightmarish Lovecraftian entities, save your daughters life while being haunted; try to survive and uncover the secrets behind the mystery of his own sanity.

The demo is currently available on for everyone to have a go. We’ve played it and there are certainly strong elements within which will appeal to horror fans. Not quite sold on the extremely dim lighting in the game though.

The Shore is gunning for release on 19 February 2021.