The Witcher Is Also Now A Strategy Game With This Amazing Total War Fan Mod

While many of us have no doubt been enamored by the character-focused journey of Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher series, be it on the games or the recently-released Netflix series, one can’t help but also imagine what it would be like to wage large-scale war on the continent as well.

Now you can apparently, thanks to a new mod for Medieval II: Total War by some really creative fans of the series.

Dubbed Witcher: Total War (found on ModDB), this fan mod effectively turns Geralt’s monster-hunting and magic-wielding world into a proper real-time strategy game, as you pit soldiers from one of the three warring factions: Novigrad, Redania, and the Nilfgaardian Empire.

The mod, still in development and currently available as a demo, has adapted the British-centric setting of the 2007 game by Creative Assembly, and repurposed it to suit elements of The Witcher franchise, which, geographically, somewhat resembles that part of the world. Familiar areas such as Velen and Novigrad are replicated, with more to come.

And the three factions we mentioned? Those are but a fraction of the whopping 29 factions the modders plan to release in the full version of the mod.

And before you start wondering, yes, there will be full Witcher factions included, with the different Witcher schools featuring unique units and fighting styles as well. But again, the modders only request for patience, as this is all still a work-in-progress.

While many are more familiar with the dark fantasy tropes of The Witcher (and the games’ hugely popular card mini-game, Gwent), adapting it into an RTS makes sense, given the fact that these factions in the games, books and show are all at war with one another. But since The Witcher usually takes on character-focused stories, these war elements mainly serve as the backdrop, so putting them at the forefront of gameplay and story is perfect for any such fans.

Interestingly, the new Geralt, Henry Cavill himself, has made clear his love for the Total War games not long ago. Coincidence? We think not.

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