The Mandalorian Beats The Boys As Most Pirated TV Show Of 2020

Disney’s The Mandalorian has topped the list of the most-pirated shows of 2020, beating out The Boys for the title. The Star Wars spin-off series has been immensely popular since it first kicked off back in 2019, even landing 15 Emmy awards nominations.

The series recently concluded an adventurous Marvel-level action second season that featured fan favourite characters like Boba Fett, Bo-Katan Kyrze and even teased Grand Amiral Thrawn. Though the season finale left many fans wondering how the third season will look like without the beloved Grogu, The Mandalorian has also given rise to some of the most exciting moments that Star Wars has seen in years, and no fan of the franchise wants to miss out on any of it.

Of course, with the show being a Disney+ exclusive, viewers who aren’t subscribed to the platform have found other ways to catch up on what the fuss is all about. The show took up the crown as the most pirated TV show – a spot that was once held tightly by HBO’s Game Of Thrones – followed by The Boys and Westworld in second and third place respectively.

Whilst piracy is illegal, the top three shows clearly shows how fragmented the online entertainment industry has become. In order to watch all three series, viewers will need three separate subscriptions. It’s not something that everyone can afford and it definitely adds on to the problem of piracy.

Nonetheless, here are the most torrented shows of 2020 according to Torrent Freak:

  1. The Mandalorian
  2. The Boys
  3. Westworld
  4. Vikings
  5. Star Trek: Picard
  6. Rick and Morty
  7. The Walking Dead
  8. The Outsider
  9. Arrow
  10. The Flash

With a third season of The Mandalorian coming Christmas this year and more new TV shows releasing on all the various streaming platforms, will The Mandalorian maintain it’s winning position? Time will tell.