Baby Yoda Is In The Sims 4 And We’re Obsessed

Nooboo Yoda es so The Sims 4. Oh wait, you don’t speak Simlish? Well, let us translate that for you.  A Baby Yoda Statue is in The Sims 4. 

We only have two obsessions right now. Playing games and hunting for more Baby Yoda merch (official or not). And EA has just blessed us with both. 

Called ‘The Child Statue’ ( or Baby Yoda Statue if you’d like), you can now add the adorable munchkin from hit TV series The Mandalorian to your Sims 4 household for just 504 Simoleans. No, it’s not custom content! It’s just a special addition that comes with the latest game update. 

Fans have been going wild. They’re making shrines, Tik Tok videos and placing the statue literally everywhere

This has to be one of the best surprises of all time. So to whoever who made this beautiful update, thank you. It’s starting to feel like Christmas already. 

baby yoda