War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Opens Pre-Registration

Pre-registrations for War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is finally open on both iOS and Android. Along with the pre-registration of the game going live is a trailer giving fans a little more insight into what they can expect from War of the Visions

War of the Visions will take place in the war-stricken continent on Andra where warring nations are struggling for dominance over one another. We follow the story of twin princes Mont and Sterne from the kingdom of Leonis, who both possess the gift of vision, and the beautiful Maiden of Hourne, Macherie.

Gameplay-wise, it will be familiar to anyone who has played the Final Fantasy Tactics games.

The turn-based battles take place on grids, with the terrain appearing to play a role in the battles. There is also a job system where players will be able to choose from one of three different classes for their characters. War of the Visions have also seemed to have implemented elemental helpers called Espers as a major battle mechanic to help possibly turn the tide of battle in your favour.

An official release date has yet to be announced for the game but till it is announced, fans of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius or those looking for a new turn-based strategy game to sink their toes into can first pre-register for a chance to earn some sweet in-game rewards.

Here are the possible rewards players can get, depending on the total amount of pre-registrations received:

  • 50,000 Users Registered: 250 Visiore, Gil Snapper (L) x20
  • 100,000 Users Registered: 250 Visiore, NRG Restore (L) x5
  • 150,000 Users Registered: 250 Visiore, Weapon — Excalibur (UR)
  • 200,000 Users Registered: 250 Visiore, Vision Card — Aquatic Songstress, Siren (UR)
  • 250,000 Users Registered: 250 Visiore, Unit — Y’shtola (MR)
  • 300,000 Users Registered: 1,000 Visiore

Pre-registration is available now on Google Play, and you’ll get a notification when the game is officially released on your device.