The Days Gone Original Soundtrack Will Hit You Right In The Feels

At the time of writing, the agonising wait for Bend Studio‘s post-apocalyptic open-world game Days Gone of three days couldn’t get any more painful.

Come April 26, you’ll get to experience the world of the ravaged American countryside with protagonist Deacon St. John.

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In that time, why not prepare yourself while listening to tunes from the game’s original soundtrack?

The Days Gone OST, composed by Nathan Whitehead, is now available in both physical and digital formats, including Spotify and Apple Music.

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The soundtrack includes additional vocals provided by four talented artists, including Billy Raffoul, Jack Savoretti, Zander Reese, and Lewis Capaldi, who featured in the single “Days Gone Quiet”.

The soundtrack is earthy and atmospheric, evoking a sense of melancholy in its mellower guitar tracks, which are actually nice to listen to on rainy days in the car or at home. There are also tracks that really bring on the tension and suspense with the use of stringed instruments — probably for when Deacon is battling or running away from hordes of Freakers.

“The ideas that define the score are the tenacity of the human spirit and the value of relationship,” explained Whitehead in a press release. “I found it really interesting to be navigating the survival aspect and also this introspective aspect at the same time. The Pacific Northwest setting is absolutely beautiful and it really felt like the score needed to connect to this environment as well.”

And capture the vast openness of the Pacific Northwest Whitehead did.

His tunes in the Days Gone Original Soundtrack will certainly keep us pumped for the game’s official release on April 26.

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