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TGS 2019: New Nioh 2 Trailer Leaked Ahead Of Team Ninja’s Preview Showcase

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Tokyo Game Show 2019 begins today at the time of writing. Many are no doubt beyond excited to see what’s cooking in Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo‘s upcoming Japanese dark fantasy action-RPG, Nioh 2.

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Very curiously, the new trailer for Nioh 2, which was probably going to be shown at Team Ninja’s TGS 2019 showcase, was spotted in the wild a day before its release.


The initial leak has since been taken down, but it managed to find its way to the Boss Fight Database YouTube channel, much to fans’ delight, and much to the dismay of Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo.

In any case, this new trailer shows us a wilder, darker take on the Sengoku period in Japan, even more so than the first game. We’re getting a ton more yōkai (supernatural forces), both good and bad (more bad, because what else are we going to slice in half with our katanas?), as well as a ton more NPCs, though their names and allegiances have yet to be revealed.


We already know that the playable main character will be fully-customisable, as opposed to using a set character in William back in the first Nioh, which should prove rather interesting for returning fans of the franchise.

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In any case, more about Nioh 2 will be revealed at Team Ninja’s showcase at Tokyo Game Show 2019.

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