TGS 2019: Prepare For 80 Minutes Of Kojima’s Death Stranding

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This weekend is pretty special for many gamers, with Tokyo Game Show 2019 set to bring demos and previews of all the hottest upcoming games. Arguably the crown jewel of this event is Death Stranding.

The upcoming action-adventure game by Hideo Kojima has long been hyped to be his magnus opus, especially since it’s his first independent game. We’d gotten vague indications of how gameplay would be, but we haven’t actually seen full-on gameplay, until now, at least.


The Death Stranding Keynote events at TGS 2019 will host a total of 80 minutes of gameplay for the game, with 50 minutes to be showcased on September 12, and the remaining 30 minutes to be shown the day after.

The third day will feature the Japanese voice actors, and will most likely be more of a fan appreciation event, rather than a gameplay showcase.

In any case, we’re not sure what the 80 minutes of gameplay for Death Stranding will feature, but we’re hoping surprise Kojima Productions guest visitor Keanu Reeves could make another breathtaking appearance as well.

Death Stranding launches on November 8 for PS4 (though a port to other platforms may be possible).