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Sid Meier’s Civilization VI Out Now On Nintendo Switch!

The almighty Civ VI has now conquered the portable gaming console.

Wired GameCube Controllers Gets New Life On Switch With 8BitDo Wireless Adapter!

Bring your GameCube controllers into the era of the Switch without wires!

Geek Review: Floor Kids

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And The Cheapest And Best Console To Start Playing Fortnite Is…

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Pokémon 2019 Aimed At The Hardcore!

The news seasoned Pokémon trainers are looking for!

Fortnite Could Possibly Head Over To The Nintendo Switch

Possibly more battle royale on the go.

Pokemon Quest Heads To Nintendo Switch For Free As RPG Title

Pokemon meets Minecraft in this free-to-play Switch title.

New Pokemon Game For Nintendo Switch Features Multiplayer And Pokeball Controller

Players can now become the very best that no one ever was...together.

Resident Evil 7 Heads To Nintendo Switch…As A Cloud Streaming Game

Relive the fun horrors of Resident Evil 7, through an unconventional port for the Switch.

Geek Review – Battle Chasers: Nightwar

A modernized JPRG that's definitely worth a look.

Top 10 Accessories For Your New Nintendo Switch

Spruce up your brand-new Switch with these accessories that come with an extra touch of practicality.

Praise the Sun, for Dark Souls’ Solaire of Astora Amiibo is Here!

...and all it does is the "Praise the Sun" gesture. That's it.