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Relive the Darth Vader End Scene from Rogue One in Full HD!

Catch Darth Vader's "Walk of Death" over and over again, in 1080p glory.

Watch the Final Darth Vader Scene from Rogue One in LEGO!

Impressive. But this is not the final version we should be expecting yet.

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A New Hope has Risen – Time to Go Rogue

Taking on the Empire, one tag at a time.

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This year's marketing doesn't seem as hyped up as compared to 2015 but there's still plenty on offer...

Star Wars gets a Peranakan touch this Christmas

Singapore designer scores coup with Peranakan infused Star Wars porcelain platters.

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#CreateCourage today for those less fortunate than us!

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Take a selfie with an 8-metre tall AT-ACT Walker, Only at VivoCity

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8-metre Tall Star Wars AT-ACT Walker Tramples VivoCity, Singapore

Celebrate Christmas this year at VivoCity and take a step into the universe of Rogue One: A Star...