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Geek Review: Blockers

F-bombs! Butt chugging! Blindfolded sex! John Cena’s butt! You don’t need any more reasons to enjoy this outrageous...

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Geek Review: Pitch Perfect 3

The movie is going to make money by entertaining viewers with its enjoyable musical sequences.

Geek Review: Flying Through Time

Resorts World Sentosa’s latest show combines comedy, acrobats, gymnastics with a dash of local flavour to get the...

Geek Review: Rough Night

If we’re being honest with movie titles, we’ll call it “Pretty Rough But Could Have Gone The Extra...

HBO Asia’s First Original Comedy Series SENT Debuts in September

If you are interested, the first episode is available on HBO Asia’s website for free viewing from September...

Geek Review: The Hitman’s Bodyguard

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Geek Review: Baywatch (2017)

Does this new adaptation do justice to the 20-season lifeguards adventure TV series back in 90s?

Geek Review: Vampire Cleanup Department (救僵清道夫)

This throwback to 80s Hong Kong vampire horror comedies hits the right notes.

Geek Giveaway: Vampire Cleanup Department Premiere Movie Tickets!

Relive old-school vampires hijinks with Vampire Cleanup Department this March!