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‘The Way of the Househusband’ Live-Action Movie Pits Ex-Yakuza Boss Against House Chores In Early Summer 2022

The Way of the Househusband is a Japanese comedy manga series by Kousuke Oono which puts an ex-yakuza boss in the position of an earnest househusband. The slice-of-life, episodic approach of the manga series struck a chord with readers who deal with the same mundanities of life, with the over-the-top ex-yakuza protagonist being an unexpectedly charming character to follow.

The series has been adapted into a live-action TV series and an anime series, and there is an upcoming live-action movie in the works. On the movie’s official Twitter account, a trailer, poster, and full title have been posted. Titled Gokushufudō: The Cinema, the cast of the live-action TV series will be reprising their roles for this movie.

way of the househusband

Hiroshi Tamaki plays Tatsu, the ex-yakuza househusband, Haruna Kawaguchi plays Miku, Tatsu’s wife, and Jun Shison plays Masa, an underling from Tatsu’s former gang. There are other returning cast members too, including Tamaki Shiratori as Himawari, Naoto Takenaka as Kikujirō Eguchi, Izumi INamori as Ibari, Kenichi Takitō as Torajirō, Yūta Furukawa as Sakai, Junpei Yasui as Sadogashima, Tina Tamashiro as Yukari, MEGUMI as Tanaka, and Michiko Tanaka as Ōta. The series and movie also have the same director, Tōichirō Rutō.

The movie will open in early summer 2022.