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Original Ultraman Gets Ultra-rare Limited Edition UNDONE Watches

Time to watch the new Ultraman reboot in style with UNDONE’s newly released watches!

Geek Review – B: The Beginning

Netflix kicks off their original anime series with a riveting crime/supernatural hybrid.

Cowboy Bebop Goes Live-Action On Netflix

Acclaimed anime series Cowboy Bebop will soon join the ranks of live-action shows on the streaming platform, Netflix. The...

Netflix Announces Upcoming Pacific Rim Anime and 4 New Anime Series For 2019 And Beyond

Netflix announces five upcoming anime series in the works, including an anime adaptation of the Pacific Rim movies...

Get Ready For Some Steam-y Hentai

You can now get it on with your 2D waifus on Steam.

Japan-Only Card Game Sensation Touken Ranbu Lands First Pitch

Ancient sword-men are playing baseball. What next?

Step Into The Dojo With ASICS And Foot Locker’s New Anime-Inspired Collection

We know of sneakers inspired by animes, but an anime inspired by a shoe?

Ryo Saeba Is Back In Action In New City Hunter Movie

City Hunter is back with more action and original voice cast for a new, nostalgia-inducing anime movie.

New CGI Anime Ultraman To Premiere On Netflix In 2019

Japan's iconic hero comes to the streaming platform.

These Fujiwara Tofu Store Sneakers Are Perfect For Initial D Fans

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This Lego Robotech Valkyrie Is Possibly The Largest Macross Mecha MOC To Date

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