‘Jujutsu Kaisen’ X CASETiFY Unleashes Epic Collection & Biggest Ever Prison Realm In Hong Kong

Smartphone accessories maker CASETiFY is invoking dark fantasy with its latest Jujutsu Kaisen collaboration, modelling phone and AirPods cases after iconic objects and motifs from the hit anime series, and all eyes are on the massive prison realm pop-up display in Hong Kong.

The Unveiling Ceremony

Sitting proudly at the K11 Musea shopping mall in Hong Kong is the four-meter tall replica of the show’s Prison Realm curse object, a square box that can trap anything within. Complete with LED-lit eyes, it is the central attraction at the five-day showcase to February 8, as well as the centrepiece of the collection which doubles as an AirPods case.

Life-sized Prison Realm at night
Giant-sized Prison Realm Replica By Night.

This partnership is the latest from the Hong Kong brand following successful collections that include Star Wars’ The Mandalorian, and fellow anime icons Evangelion, One Piece, and Chainsaw Man.

Pop-up exclusive phone case.
Pop-up Exclusive Phone Case

Along with the distinctive AirPods case modeled after the Prison Realm, other items in the Jujutsu Kaisen X CASETiFY line include the pop-up exclusive phone case with Domain Expansion hand signs (approx. S$55-148), and a special Thermal Interactive Case (see below).

Visitors also have the chance to acquire a commemorative phone case and collect trading cards featuring beloved characters such as Gojo Satoru, Nanami Kento, Yuji Itadori, Nobara Kugisaki, among others. These cards range from common to rare, depending on visitors’ luck.

This collection extends past phone cases for Apple, Samsung, and Google Pixel to encompass AirPods and AirPods Pro cases, Apple Watch bands, iPad and laptop sleeves, wireless chargers, and phone straps.

Phone Cases Range

Starting at S$57, the range allows enthusiasts to imbue their gadgets with cursed energy, catering to a wide array of device models. From the sleek MagSafe-compatible options to the robust Bounce Ultra covers, each piece is infused with unique decals and patterns drawing directly from the anime’s rich lore. 

Phone Cases Range With Characters

The assortment spotlights fan-favourite characters like Yuji Itadori, Megumi Fushiguro, Nobara Kugisaki, and the enigmatic Satoru Gojo, bringing the vibrant world of Jujutsu Sorcerers and curses into the palm of your hand. A standout in this collection is the interactive Cursed Energy Thermal Case (S$114) available for the iPhone 14 Pro, 14 Pro Max, 15 Pro, and 15 Pro Max, a novel creation that changes into a deep purple colour with the warmth of your touch, symbolising the flow of mystic energy within the cursed realms of Jujutsu Kaisen.

Prison Realm AirPods Pro Case & Sukuna’s Finger Apple Pencil

For those looking to get their hands on the Prison Realm AirPods Pro case (S$192), it is only available for the AirPods Pro and the AirPods Pro 2 through pre-order, and serves as more than just a protective shell for your earbuds. Upon opening it, fans will be greeted by a Gojo Satoru case nestled inside, echoing his dramatic narrative of entrapment and escape. While the case’s practicality might be debated, its collectible value is undeniable, boasting a piece of the Jujutsu Kaisen universe that fans can carry with them. 

Sukuna’s Malevolent Shrine AirPods Max Case

Beyond its signature cases, the collection expands into other tech accessories, embodying the series’ themes and characters. Sukuna’s Malevolent Shrine AirPods Max Case (S$283) and even one of his fingers, transformed into an innovative Apple Pencil Grip (S$71), make their way into the lineup, turning everyday tech use into an immersive anime experience. Just resist the urge to reenact any… memorable scenes from the series. 

Additionally, the Cursed Seal Cross-body Lanyard stands out as a must-have accessory. Priced at S$78, this lanyard ensures your phone remains securely attached to you, embodying the collaboration’s essence.

The entire range of CASETiFY’s Jujutsu Kaisen products, from Apple Watch bands to iPad cases, laptop sleeves, wireless chargers, and phone straps, is now available online

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