‘Code Geass: Rozé of the Recapture’ Anime Teases Fans With Trailer, Premiering May 2024

Fans can finally have a look at the first trailer and new visuals from follow-up series Code Geass: Rozé of the Recapture, three years after news of the series first emerged.

Watch the first trailer below:

The two new characters revealed in the trailer, Rozé and Ashe, will be voiced by Amasaki Kōhei (Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury, Tomo-chan Is a Girl!) and Furukawa Makoto (One Punch Man, Honkai: Star Rail) respectively. Playing throughout the trailer is the opening theme song, “Running In My Head” by MIYAVI. Additionally, the series was announced to be screened in theatres in four parts, starting May 2024.

Initially named Code Geass: Z of the Recapture, these details were first teased to be revealed at a special production presentation of the series during Lelouch Lamperouge’s 15th birthday celebratory screening, which happened on 18 December.

No details of the story has been released, but a brief overview is given on the official website, which reads:

The new protagonists, Rozé and Ashe, and the two brothers’ unfolding story of “recapture”, will open up a new era!

The upcoming project’s trailer reveals even more talent onboard. Renowned art director Obata Kazuhiro (Long Riders!) brings his vision to life, while Aketagawa Jin (Maboroshi, The Eminence in Shadow) ensures top-notch sound design. BUEMON Inc. crafts the stunning 3DCG, led by director Shuji Shinoda (Backflip!!). Chiba Hiroyuki (High School DxD) takes the helm as Director of Photography, Sakamoto Kumiko (Dr. Stone) masters the editing, and Kawai Kenji (Ranma ½, Mob Psycho 100) delivers the unforgettable soundtrack.

Heading the project at Sunrise Studio is Director Ohashi Yoshimitsu (Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans), who also directed the original series. The screenplay is written by Kimura Noboru (Solo Levelling, Kemono Jihen), and new character design drafts created by CLAMP, re-designed for animation by Kimura Takahiro (Blood+)and Shimamura Hidekazu (Yu-Gi-Oh!).

Code Geass: Rozé of the Recapture will premiere May 2024.