Superfans Discover What Happens When Cloverfield Paradox Crosses into the Cloverfield Universe!

Every year, the Super Bowl is where all the big guns are brought out to the field, and the 2018 edition is no different. With recent developments in the online space, that arena is not longer reserved for big AAA movies but TV is looking to jostle into that space as well.

Netflix’s The Cloverfield Paradox is one such example.

Now available for screening on the popular streaming service, the show has been basking in the limelight recently, following a slew of review from different media outlets.

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But that’s hardly the only reason why it’s causing a stir in the reddit community.

With the impressive observation skills of an obsessed fan, user DubC-Ent made a compelling discovery, one that saw the crossing over of Cloverfield Paradox into its predecessor’s universe.

Proceed with caution: Slight spoiler ahead!

As it turns out, 18 minutes, 20 seconds is the magic phrase. In Cloverfield Paradox, that’s when the Shepard is opening up the dimension-transporting rift, which aligns up with the timing of the monster’s destruction in Cloverfield.

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Reddit’s CamCam3947 explains the whole phenomenon better:

  • 18:20 in Paradox is when they run the Shepard and it causes the incident transporting them through dimensions.
  • 18:20 in Cloverfield is when the first noises are heard and lights go out at Rob’s party.

Simply put, both Cloverfield and The Cloverfield Paradox show a mutual interaction when synced, which highlights how the events of one directly affects the other.

Read comments please from Cloververse

The fact that the series is of the sci-fi genre, where the whole concept of time-travelling is often talked about, makes the discovery sound very, very cool.

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With a lack of an official word of confirmation, this could easily be brushed off as a mere coincidence, although the easter egg certainly does comes as a nice little treat for fans.

Or you know, it could totally be intentional, with mastermind JJ Abrams pulling the strings from behind the scenes…

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