Super Nintendo World Opens Before Summer Olympics 2020 In Japan

Yup, you head us right – Super Nintendo World is slated to open right before the Tokyo Summer Olympics 2020 in Japan!

This news comes via Kurumi Mori, a reporter for Bloomberg, on her Twitter account while she was at the Universal Studios Japan keynote at Osaka earlier today.

And from what she’s saying, it looks as though Super Nintendo World will be coming to “Hollywood, Orlando and Singapore” sometime in the future!

In any case, the keynote also presented a key feature of the new Nintendo-based theme park; a Power-Up system, which coincides with the video game theme and look of the place.

Mori reports that visitors will be wearing a Power Up Band that, when paired with a companion smartphone app, will allow you to collect virtual coins as you visit the various attractions either cooperatively, or competitively.

As for the Power Up Bands themeselves, there looks to be a variety of designs based on several iconic Nintendo mascots to choose from. The ones at the USJ keynote include Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and Daisy.

via Kurumi Mori on Twitter.

These, as Mori states, are all that was noteworthy at the Super Nintendo World keynote. Further updates and announcements by USJ will come soon.