Sony Reveals 2025 Release For ‘Insidious’ Sequel

A new Insidious movie is coming to the big screen in 2025, and it’s not the previously announced spin-off, but instead a sequel to Insidious: The Red Door. The surprise reveal comes after a series of Blumhouse film announcements, including updated release dates for MEGAN 2.0 and Five Nights at Freddy’s 2.

insidious sequel

Previously, The Red Door was said to be “the last we’re going to see of Insidious for a while,” according to producer Jason Blum, and “there’s no current plan in place for number six.” Which we now know to be laying the groundwork for this surprise, or a reversal of that prior decision given Sony Pictures’ operating income fell by nearly 10% at the end of the fiscal year.

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No plot or casting details have been announced for Insidious 6, which is still a while away with a 29 August 2025 release date, but there’s speculation that characters from previous movies will return in some way.

insidious sequel

It looks like the Lamberts are not done with The Further, from The Red Door’s ending that seemed to indicate the evil behind it was still lurking in the shadows, and the film could potentially expand that plot thread, whether with a new or returning cast.

Can the Insidious sequel pull off the impossible and revive the franchise? It’ll haunt us until the film’s release in theatres.