Sony Announces PlayStation VR2 Adapter For PC Gamers

In an attempt to boost sales for the PlayStation VR2, Sony announced a PlayStation VR 2 adapter would finally be available for the device, after saying that PC support would come to the virtual reality headset in February.

playstation vr2 adapter

With the adapter, you can play Steam PC titles with VR support, like Fallout 4, Beat Saber, Half Life: Alyx, and more. You’ll also need to own a DisplayPort cable compatible with DisplayPort 1.4, and minimally, a Windows 10 operating system. A NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 or later GPU is also required for optimal gaming, making this a worthwhile investment for seasoned gamers, though it might intimidate those just getting started.

HDR, headset feedback, eye tracking, and adaptive triggers, will not be available when playing on PC, but it makes up for it with 110-degree field of view, finger touch detection, see-through view, and 4K resolution.

The PlayStation VR2 adapter retails for US$59.99, and will be available at select retailers or on the PlayStation website on August 7.